Survey reveals 98% customer satisfaction with Mathews Comfort.
02 June 20  /  News

Customer satisfaction is top of our list at Mathews Comfort and we were very keen to get the results of our recent Continual Improvement Survey, sent out to all our clients, finding out what you like – and don’t like, and if there was room for any improvement in our service. 

Now, the results of the survey are in and we’d like to say a massive thank you to all who responded. Having read your comments, we are delighted with the results. It seems we’re getting things right and the majority of our clients are more than satisfied with the service we’re providing. In fact, 98% said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with our service, and 92% said they would recommend us to a friend, colleague or family member. 

Asked if there was a particular reason you liked working with us, 88.46% of responses mentioned such factors as personal and friendly service, sound professional advice over the years, good judgement and clarity, helpful and straightforward, attention to detail and trust. We pride ourselves on offering a high level of personal service allied with financial expertise, so we are extremely pleased to hear these comments, as they more than validate our approach. 

Always keen to hear the positive along with the not so positive, we asked if there were any areas in which we could improve our service. 78% said they were happy with things as they stand, 22% asked for such things as a higher level of personal service and an appointment schedule they could view. Naturally, we’ll look at all suggestions and implement wherever possible. 

We also asked about our office facilities, which many clients have visited since our relocation some two years ago. 79% said the office environment made them feel positive or very positive, with the remainder neutral. Comments referred to a welcoming office that is professional, modern and easy to find, with good parking and personal, pleasant meeting rooms, excellent equipment and great coffee!


Despite a gentle easing of the lockdown, the UK is still very much in the grip of coronavirus and we were keen to find out if we’ve been doing enough to support you during these difficult times. All respondees said they were happy with the regular communications and updates we’ve been providing and, in particular, had found the video meetings via Zoom really useful.

Financial goals

We were particularly interested to hear how financial planning had helped clients achieve their life goals. 53% said we had helped ease their financial anxiety, with 47% saying they had the confidence to spend more and enjoy retirement, and 35% saying they had the confidence to travel and live their desired lifestyle. 26% said they had either retired early or put plans in place to do so, and 21% said they had achieved financial independence. 19% stating they had gifted family members. 

Overall, 92% said our Financial Planning service had created a positive outcome in their lives and in those closest to them, with respondents able to retire early, spend more, travel and live independently. 

Having had such outstanding results and fabulous comments from our Continual Improvement Survey, it simply remains for us to say thank you once again to all who took part. We really are delighted with your feedback and feel that, along with our trusted financial expertise, it’s our personal approach and friendly service that clients really value. Naturally, we will continue working hard to deliver exceptional levels of customer service, allied with sound, professional advice, and look forward to helping you achieve your financial goals over the years.