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About Us

An Oxfordshire based firm of independent lifestyle financial planners, with a reputation for delivering the highest levels of service and expert advice, making meaningful differences to our clients’ lives.


Michael Angelo Mathews establishes Mathews & Son, a family run insurance business. Becoming an insurance intermediary in Oxford, a university city, was then a bold step.

The business flourished and moved to 6 St Aldate’s in Oxford city centre.


Michael Angelo Mathews youngest son, Wilfred Mathews, aged just sixteen, joins the company, taking advantage of Oxford's early industrial growth and expands the business steadily.

Taking a keen interest in motoring in its early days, Wilfred opened the first office of the Automobile Association.

John Comfort joined Wilfred, having worked in insurance before the war and deciding he would enjoy greater freedom as a broker rather than with an insurance company.

Wilfred Mathews retires at 80 years old after being with the company for 64 years.

The company changes its name to Mathews Comfort & Company in recognition of John Comfort's influence.

Mathews Comfort Financial Services is launched as a separate entity.

The company became a founder member of the Willis Commercial Insurance Network (today known as Willis Towers Watson Networks).

Mathews Comfort Financial Services and Mathews Comfort & Co separate operations and the insurance business is acquired by J Bennett & Son.


Mathews Comfort Financial Services move offices from 6 St. Aldate’s and opens new premises in North Leigh.

The team at Mathews Comfort
Peter Bird
Independent Financial Planner, Chairman
Christine Walker
Independent Financial Planner, Managing Director
Daniel Weston
Independent Financial Planner, Director
George Wagerfield
Independent Financial Planner
Vicki Smith
Client Relationship Manager
Barbara Wagerfield
Cert PFS
Technical Assistant
Steve Walker
Cert PFS
Technical Assistant
Ryan Hambridge
Trainee Paraplanner
Clare Mullett
Client Relationship Assistant
Bev Tyrell
Finance Director
Giedre Azukaite
Trainee Financial Planner
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