An update on Giedre and Ryan’s financial planning journeys
23 January 20  /  News

We couldn’t be prouder of the commitment and dedication that Ryan, our Trainee Paraplanner and Giedre, our Trainee Financial Planner, have shown during their studies.

To help our clients to follow their journeys, we recently caught up with Giedre and Ryan to find out more about their progress and what this means for our clients.

Giedre’s progress:

“In December, just before my Christmas holiday, I passed my R02 (Investment Principles and Risk) exam. It was my second exam and I had 2.5 months to prepare for it - 60 hours of studying is recommended, but I think it took me longer as I wanted to be 100% prepared. It was very interesting to study but - I have to admit - it was quite hard as well.

There are so many investment products available for UK investors! These products have different taxation rules and their diversity helps to meet the varying needs of clients so it’s essential to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all available investment products when providing advice to a client.

I am lucky to have a training contract with a company called ‘NextGen Planners’, and my trainer Adam gave me a lot of guidance to understand how some products work.
This exam is notoriously difficult and the statistics show that the annual pass rate for the exam in 2018 was only 59.99%. I felt very happy when I passed it and I was able to enjoy my Christmas holiday feeling relaxed.”

Ryan’s progress:

“In December 2019, I passed the R01 exam, which is based on the Rules and Regulations of the UK financial services industry. R01 is a 100 question multiple-choice exam with 12 multiple-response questions included. I had to travel to a training centre in Milton Keynes to take the exam and it lasted 2 hours - it was a huge relief to pass the exam.

This exam is the first of 6 exams, R01-R06, needed to qualify for the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning so that I am able to provide regulated financial advice to clients. I will also be taking a further exam, J09 - which is a coursework-based exam - to qualify for a level 4 Paraplanning Qualification.
These exams ensure that I continue to further my knowledge of the industry and that I am competent in my role as a Paraplanner. It will benefit our clients as I pass each exam because I will have a better understanding of financial planning and this will improve my work overall, whether that be talking to clients, writing reports or preparing the financial plans for meetings.
The R01 exam took me 3 months to study for and this puts me on a good path to get R02 and R03 completed by July of 2020. The J09 exam will come after that and should take around 6 months to complete and these 4 exams will complete the level 4 Paraplanning qualification. From then, my aim is to complete R04-R06 in 2021 to be Diploma Qualified.”


On behalf of everyone here at Mathews Comfort, we would like to once again congratulate Ryan and Giedre on their fantastic achievements and for the enthusiasm and support that they bring to our team and our clients on a daily basis - thank you, Giedre and Ryan!

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