Are you financially and emotionally prepared for life's big transitions?
07 November 18  /  Insights

Lifestyle Financial Planning is more than just arranging a series of savings and investments you lock away and forget about and hope your wealth grows over time. It considers all aspects of your lifestyle and the lifestyle that you want to lead.

It takes into account that your financial needs are going to fluctuate in response to the transitions that we all go through such as work, families, and retirement.

Managing these transitions is key to maximising your finances and to achieving a greater Return on Life.

It’s better to prepare than repair

When it comes to your financial future, it’s easier to prepare for what’s ahead than it is to repair mistakes. With that in mind, we create a series of ‘what if’ scenarios, designed to help you prepare for life’s transitions by asking you to anticipate what’s coming up, when you expect the transition to happen, and how this will impact your finances and financial plan.

We will consider 6 main categories to help you prepare that many people will encounter during their lifetime:


  • Expecting a baby
  • Special family event
  • Assistance to a family member
  • Children going to university or private education
  • Children getting married
  • Children leaving the nest


  • Contemplating career change
  • Job restructuring 
  • Expanding business
  • Starting a new business
  • Acquire or purchase a business
  • New job training or later life further education


  • Concern about an aging parent
  • Concern about the health of child
  • Concern about the health of spouse
  • Family member with disability or illness
  • Recent death of a family member 
  • Own health concerns
  • Long-term care considerations


  • Downshift work life
  • Full retirement
  • Changing residence
  • Start receiving State and private pensions


  • Refinancing or paying off mortgage
  • Savings and investments
  • Considering investment opportunity
  • Receiving inheritance


  • Supporting a family member
  • Gift to children or grandchildren
  • Develop or review estate plan
  • Create a foundation
  • Create or fund a scholarship
  • Fund a cause or event.

Transitions change over time

Over time, as new transitions arise and old ones are completed, we can add, remove, and re-prioritise transitions as required.

The easiest way to throw off your financial plan is to make a rash, emotional decision in the middle of a difficult or stressful moment. We can help you avoid reacting – or overreacting – to the natural transitions of your life by putting you into a more proactive mindset about your financial future, allowing you to visualise and prepare. Therefore, you will be less likely to make rash financial decisions that you may later regret.

As Lifestyle Financial Planners, we give impartial advice that is based on your best interests. Offering objectivity, we can help deter emotions that may cloud your judgements. Guiding you through every important decision in your life, we can help create and protect your desired lifestyle.

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