Bev sews and knits in support of NHS and Coronavirus victims
20 April 20  /  News

Bev Tyrell, Operations Director at Mathews Comfort Financial Planning, has been busy sewing and knitting in her spare time, helping to produce scrub bags for a local NHS hospital and also helping to support family members who have lost loved ones to Coronavirus.

As well as working remotely for Mathews Comfort, Bev has been sewing scrub bags for use by NHS workers at the Witney Hospital, Oxfordshire. The scrub bags allow NHS workers to take their work clothes home safely and securely, and wash them without removing them from the bag. Bev is one of many ladies sewing bags in her local village of Brize Norton, in a venture started by her sister, Judy, supplying direct to Witney Hospital via a nurse who works there.

In addition, Bev is busy organising a further venture, in which volunteers, again ladies from the village of Brize Norton, knit or crochet hearts to be placed in memory boxes for family members who have lost a loved on to Covid-19. One heart remains with the victim and the other is placed in the memory box, which is given to the family, helping them to feel close to the person they have lost. These are being sent to another nurse whose team are organising the memory boxes with help from the charity 4Louis.

Because of the restrictions in place to limit the spread of the virus, people are unable to be with their loved ones during their final hours in hospital. Not being able to see a loved one at their end of life can be devastating and it is a challenge to try and make this better. 4Louis is a national charity that provides support for families going through miscarriage, stillbirth and child loss, but, during these difficult times, is extending their services to provide support for bereaved families of Covid-19. This includes producing special memory boxes free of charge. To find out more about 4Louis, please view the website here.

Mathews Comfort is immensely proud of Bev’s efforts to support the NHS and victims of Coronavirus. Despite all the bad news, it is reassuring to know that acts of kindness continue to take place, highlighting how people are pulling together and helping one another during this time of national crisis. If any client would like to help Bev or her sister Judy with either of these initiatives, please email Bev at

Scrub bags produced for the ‘For The Love Of Scrubs’ NHS initiative. Knitted hearts given to grieving relatives and placed in memory boxes for those who have lost their lives to Coronavirus.

We’d also like to draw attention to another group working to help the NHS, known as ‘For The Love of Scrubs’, set up by A&E nurse, Ashleigh Lindsdell, after identifying a shortage in supply of scrubs to frontline NHS staff during the Covid-19 epidemic. In just two weeks, the group amassed over 30k members, with a facebook page and a JustGiving page.

People can support the initiative either by donating funds to buy materials, or sewing themselves, as Bev is doing, using their sewing machines to produce scrubs and scrub bags. The group is currently aiming to raise £35k, which, along with sewing materials, will also be used to purchase volunteer kits for people looking to help and also iPads for use on NHS wards, enabling victims of Coronavirus to say goodbye to their family and friends.

To read more about ‘For The Love Of Scrubs’, please visit the facebook page by clicking here and to support the initiative and donate either time or money, please visit the JustGiving page by clicking here.