Client Surveys
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Please find below the results of our ongoing client satisfaction survey, last updated in February 2021:


102 clients answered the following question:
How satisfied are you with our team members ability to communicate, respond and follow through?
76% Very satisfied
23% Satisfied
1% Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
0% Dissatisfied
0% Very dissatisfied
Results are based on our ongoing continual improvement survey.
102 clients answered the following question:
Has Financial planning helped you achieve any of the below goals?
54% Eased financial anxiety
42% Confidence to spend more and enjoy retirement
38% Confidence to travel and live desired life
32% Retire early or put plans in place to retire early
24% Gift family members
22% Financial independence
Results are based on our ongoing continual improvement survey.
102 clients answered the following question:
Has our service created a positive outcome to your life and those closest to you?
94% Yes
6% No
Results are based on our ongoing continual improvement survey.
Client comments to above survey question:

It has given me enough confidence to provide money for the children/grandchildren.

Income from investments has increased my annual available cash to help to fund additional retirement activities.

We very much appreciate your wise advice over the years - it has meant that we have always felt our financial affairs to have been well managed and not a potential source of worry for us.

You have relieved me of the burden of having to manage my financial affairs.

Yes, I'm confident that my assets are invested effectively, and from this, I've got more freedom to choose what I do with the rest of my life.

We appreciate the planning to reduce tax liability on death, so hopefully children and grandchildren can benefit.

Inheritance is daunting, what do you do with the money? Working through medium and long term strategies with MC has been incredibly reassuring with the next steps in my life.

We feel much more confident than some of our friends (of similar financial standing) that we know we are likely to be alright financially for the rest of our lives. We are very happy that we have been able to gift some substantial sums to our children at a stage in their lives when they can most benefit, with confidence that we are not impoverishing ourselves for later life.

102 clients answered the following question:
Based on your recent experience, would you recommend us?
95% Yes
5% No
Results are based on our ongoing continual improvement survey.
We asked; Is there any reason in particular you like working with us? Below are the responses:

Dan’s balanced and helpful approach provides significant confidence that one’s assets are in good hands supported by an excellent committed staff.

So good to meet up with Dan each year - the continuity has been brilliant and we feel comfortable and relaxed discussing our finances and grateful for his advice.

I have been supported by Mathews Comfort for many years and at all times everyone has been approachable, answered any queries very promptly and with a smile. Thank you all.

we have had a continuing good personal relationship with you over many years and are confident that we can continue to place our trust in your advice and professional service.

I genuinely feel that you are working with our best interests at heart.

I like the transparency, openness and quality of advice. In particular, I like the more 'whole life' approach taken by Mathews Comfort.

Very comfortable professional relationship. Easy to ask the 'stupid questions'!

Always warmly received Trustworthy professional and friendly approach Understanding and knowledgeable.

The personal relationship that's built up is something that gives me confidence in your business and that trust is everything when finance is concerned.

You combine professionalism with a friendly, accessible approach. You are a close-knit team and you know your clients.

The history of good financial advice we have been given over years, gives us confidence that new advice on investments has been well thought out and investigated.