Are you comfortable discussing finances with your loved ones?
04 March 20  /  News

For many people, the idea of talking frankly about money with their spouse, partner or family can result in feelings of apprehension and unease.

This reluctance to openly discuss finances can be attributed to a wide-range of reasons, such as childhood experiences, culture and parents’ financial decision-making.

Over time, this mindset can act as an unintentional barrier in the pursuit of your desired financial future. With a lack of communication around money being cited as a leading factor in the breakdown of relationships, its impact can be far-reaching.

Rather than shying away from these conversations, we firmly believe that an honest and ongoing dialogue around money can have a hugely beneficial influence on your relationships and your ability to lead your desired lifestyle.

Your financial profile is an enabler of your aspirations and goals, which means that speaking openly and freely with your loved ones is a simple yet highly effective way to realise your life’s purpose.

Here at Mathews Comfort, we know that open and honest conversations around finances can be a powerful accelerator of meaningful outcomes that are strongly aligned to the priorities of you and your loved ones.

From achieving financial freedom and accommodating an expanding family to working for leisure and enabling long-term care needs, ongoing communication is key to achieving the things that are important to you and your family.

With our extensive lifestyle financial planning experience and hands-on approach to client services, we can help you to communicate clearly and confidently regarding your finances. To find out more, please contact us here and a member of our team will be in touch with you.