Do you feel your life has purpose?
09 October 18  /  Insights

Ask yourself why you do the things you do. Is it because you feel like you have to? It's expected? Because you want to? Because you've had the same routine for years and that is what you are used to?

If you feel like your life is something that just happens to you, it is time to reassess how you are spending your time and money.

Researchers have found that people who feel like their lives have purpose live longer and show decreased risk of cardiovascular problems. And as you age and prepare for retirement, living with purpose helps to limit your risk of cognitive problems, such as Alzheimer's.

Life is too short to be doing things you don't really want to be doing. Whilst financial security and stability and basic comforts are all important, feeling that your life has purpose will become more and more critical to your emotional and physical well-being as you age, especially when you reach retirement.

Draw a distinction between the things in your life that you feel like you have to do and the things in your life that actually bring meaning, purpose and most importantly happiness. If you feel like your life is lacking purpose, start by looking for misalignment in these two areas.

Is your job "just a job" that pays the bills? How could you pivot to a career that uses your unique gifts and skills to create purpose? Or are you working so hard that you're missing key family events, which are also critical to your sense of purpose? Are there ways to improve your work-life balance?

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? Such as learning a new skill, taking time for your personal development, taking up a hobby, spending more time doing the things you like, or seeing the world? Time is just - if not more - as precious as money and should not be spent frivolously.

Many people believe that living and giving generously with their time, talents, and finances is a luxury they can't afford, especially once owning a home, having children, and owning businesses enter the picture.

However, research indicates that senior citizens frequently cite "dying with their music still in them" as one of the biggest areas of regret when they look back on their lives, meaning the chances they didn't take, ideas they never pursued, or opportunities they watched pass by. It's not money they're regretting, it's the sense of purpose they missed out on that would have improved their Return on Life.

Lifestyle Financial Planning can help you see how your life can have purpose. Your Lifestyle Financial Planner will spend time unearthing what you really want to do in life and how you want to spend your time. Then they will establish how to make this happen with the money you have and could have.

Your Lifestyle Financial Planner can offer clarity on where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. They are here to help you live the lifestyle you want to live.

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