George appointed Technical Executive and member of the board
24 August 20  /  News

We are excited to announce that our Independent Financial Planner, George Wagerfield, has recently been promoted to the role of Technical Executive and officially joins the board of Mathews Comfort.
Having been with Mathews Comfort since 2012, George has had the pleasure of meeting many of our clients and we are sure they will understand how this appointment stands to benefit the business and our client base.
We wanted to find out exactly what this promotion means to George and how he plans to help move the business forward.
Why did you decide to become a Financial Planner and what do you particularly like about your career choice?

As previously mentioned, I started my journey with Mathews Comfort back in 2012. At the time, I thought my future was in sports coaching. However, after a fortunate conversation with a relative I discovered how financial planning can really help people and, from that point onwards, I started to develop a real interest and passion for this profession. Since then, and with the support of all the amazing people at Mathews Comfort both past and present, I have been fortunate to learn more about what Financial Planning really is and how it can have such a monumental positive impact on people’s lives.
Which parts of the job do you enjoy most?

During my time at Mathews Comfort, I have seen and worked in every area of the business. From meetings with clients to processing business and building recommendations, I have worked across the board, learning how the business operates from the ground up. Over the years, I have enjoyed gaining experience and learning from everyone and every area of the business of which I have been a part. With this experience behind me, I feel I am now in a great position to contribute towards the business going forward.  
As a member of the board, what will you bring to Mathews Comfort?

In my role as Director, I want to build on my passion for helping people. My aim will be to help each person connected with Mathews Comfort, whether employee or client, to live their best lives. I look forward to delivering great Financial Planning and helping my team to build and develop their skills over the coming years.  
What are you excited about for the future of Mathews Comfort?

The board at Mathews Comfort is forward thinking and we embrace change, always striving to deliver the best experience for our clients. A large part of my role on the board is to deliver the client initiatives the team around me feel give better financial planning outcomes for clients. I am excited to see these being implemented and the effects these have in our clients lives.  

Dan, CEO, comments:

“Having worked with George over the last 8 years I am delighted George took up our invitation to join the board. He is undoubtedly a Mathews Comfort person and embodies our values and beliefs. George will bring further perspective and balance to the board and help us to continue progressing towards our long-term vision for the company”