How has this time of confinement changed you?
16 April 20  /  Covid-19

The outbreak of an infectious disease such as Coronavirus can be a scary time, affecting us all in different ways.

The Government is currently asking us to stay at home and only go out to buy food, exercise or carry out essential work, to remain a distance of 2 metres or 6 feet away from people and wash our hands as soon as we get home.

With regular social activities no longer available to us, many of us are now spending a great deal more time at home, with more time on our hands and more time to think about things.

There’s little doubt that this period of confinement will change us all in some way.

Certainly, it will mean adapting to a new rhythm of life and finding new ways of staying in touch with those who matter to us, whether by email, phone or social media. It will also entail creating a new daily routine, with time for exercise, relaxing and learning new skills.

Although we haven’t chosen this way of life, it’s not necessarily a bad one, and many will see it as a new experience that carries with it some benefits.

Mathews Comfort talks regularly to clients about goals and objectives, and how aspirations for the future fit in with values and finances. Bearing this in mind, we’d like to ask you two questions about the current situation:

1. What have you discovered that you really value?
2. What will you do differently when ‘this’ is all over?

We’d be very interested to hear your thoughts. Obviously, all responses will be handled in the strictest confidence and your privacy maintained. If you’re willing to share your answers with us, please email

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