How to have more fun and meaning in retirement
08 February 19  /  Insights

A blank calendar filled with nothing but free time can be every bit as stressful as a packed work week. How can you go from spending at least 8 hours of your day completely filled to now having what feels like all the time in the world?

This is what many new retirees ask themselves after only a few days of hitting the snooze button and pottering around the house. Some perhaps even in the lead up to their retirement.

The reality of retirement has set in. This is your life now. What are you going to do with it?

The answer is: whatever you want!

The only thing better than sleeping in, is jumping out of bed early because you’re energised and excited for the day ahead. This is the kind of active and fulfilling retirement that we want to help our clients prepare for.

Here are some ideas for creating a new retirement schedule that will keep you growing, learning, experiencing new things, and making meaningful connections throughout your retirement.


Taking all those trips you couldn’t squeeze in around your work schedule and kids’ football tournaments or dentist appointments tops many retirement wish lists. And with good reason.

After all that hard work, prudent planning, and saving, you deserve to treat yourself, do things you never had time for, see places you’ve always wanted to see.

From big trips around America to numerous city breaks throughout the year, now is the time to tick those places you’ve always wanted to go off the list.

Work or volunteer part time

More and more retirees who can afford to stop working are taking part-time jobs and volunteer positions. This can give your week some welcomed structure and provide an outlet for the things that you’re passionate about.

Help out in your local community, do some volunteer charity work, try that job you wanted but never paid enough before. Your retirement can be just as much about trying new things as it is unwinding for an easier and more relaxed life.

Upgrade your living situation

Take care of all those lingering household projects. Your comfort is important, especially as you age. Don’t let minor inconveniences like leaky taps or an unpredictable boiler turn into major problems. Get rid of that lumpy mattress and old sofa that you’ve never liked. You’ll be spending more time at home, now is the time to really make it comfortable.

Of course, that’s assuming you want to “retire in place” at your current residence. A permanent change of scenery can be invigorating as you enter this new phase in your life. Just make sure you talk to us if you see a new home in your future. We’ll make sure to incorporate the move and all the necessary cost of living adjustments into your personal financial plan.

Get really good at something you love doing

Been a frustrated weekend golfer your whole life? Sign up for lessons and get that handicap down for good. Or better yet, set up a weekly tee time with a group of retired friends. No more rushing through meals on your way to and from work and school, so let your inner foodie have the run of the kitchen. Clear out that back bedroom no one uses anymore and make a study. Paint the pictures you’ve always wanted to paint. Finish the novel hiding in the bottom of your desk drawer. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever it is, you can now spend hours enjoying your time exactly how you want to be. Try something new. Pick up an old hobby you never had time for. Your retirement should be fulfilling and spent doing the things you want to do.

The possibilities are bound only by your imagination and the financial resources you have available to you. Let us help you take care of the money part so you’re free to focus on what you really want to be doing. We can give you the confidence to live the lifestyle you want in retirement. Click here to read more about planning for retirement and how we can help. 

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