In Case of Emergency Details - Add to Your Online Account
22 May 20  /  Covid-19

The MCFP Connect app, which allows you to see a clear, uncomplicated view of all your finances in one place, now includes an additional ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) folder, enabling you to prepare and store sensitive personal and financial data, easily available, in the event of your death, to advisers or family members.

This can include such documents as copies of your will, trust deeds and lasting powers of attorney, together with all relevant paperwork for insurance, life assurance, property deeds and so on. It can also contain contact details for legal advisers, financial advisers and all family members.

While collecting and collating this information is not exactly fun, it is easily doable from the comfort of your home, especially in the current climate of lockdown, when we all have more time on our hands, especially those who are self-isolating.

Once all the information has been pulled together, the benefits are obvious. Not least is the peace of mind of knowing, in the event of your death, that everything is organised, in one safe, secure and easily accessible place. Should the worst happen, your family and advisers have access to all the information and paperwork they need to calculate the estate, support the executor and speed up the process of probate.

With the current threat of coronavirus hanging over us, and older and elderly people (aged 60+) identified as being at higher risk, it would seem an advisable and sensible precaution to organise your affairs, and the new ICE folder provides an easily manageable way to do this. Mathews Comfort can include any documents we already hold, such as life assurance and property insurance, and provide you with a list of other documents you need to put in the folder.

Please be assured, we understand we’re dealing with sensitive financial information, and take data protection and security seriously. The MCFP Connect app utilises data encryption and other security measures to ensure your data is protected at all times, and we don’t store any of your bank or credit card account usernames or passwords.

MCFP Connect

For those who don’t yet have the MCPF Connect app, it provides an easily accessible means of storing all your financial information, such as investments, savings, pensions, insurances, bank accounts, credit cards, store cards, mortgages, loans and property, alongside the associated paperwork.

You can keep the app on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, available to you at anytime, anywhere, with one simple log-in – allowing you to view your investment portfolio, access insurance details, track property values, manage income and spending, safely store important documents and receive reminders of renewals, income and payments. Download details of the MCFP Connect app here.

For details on the ICE folder, please refer to your MCPF Connect app and if you have any queries, please call Vicki or Clare on 01865 208 000 or email us at

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