Introducing Emily Corck, our new Technical Manager
08 July 20  /  News

We are delighted to welcome Emily to the Mathews Comfort team.

With Emily’s considerable skill set and personality we were delighted she decided to join us. She has only been here a few weeks but has already bought fresh ideas to enhance the service to our clients. We are a progressive firm so having a new perspective and thought process really helps us to maintain our competitive edge. We are privileged that Emily put her faith in Mathews Comfort and relocated to Oxfordshire. She will certainly play a valuable part in helping achieve our vision for the future. We put a few questions to Emily to find out a bit more about her, please read on to see how Emily responded:

How did you get into the Financial services industry and what do you consider to be the most enjoyable part of your role?

To be honest, it was a little bit of a fluke. I had taken a job in a call centre in the Personal Finance department of Saga and it all went from there. Looking for more of a challenge I applied for a role in a firm in London and ended up staying there for 12 years. The part I most enjoy is knowing that I'm helping people, I also really enjoy knowing that what I'm doing is helping my colleagues, and if I can make their day a little easier somehow then it's a good day for me.

What are you hoping to bring to the Mathews Comfort team?

I'm hoping to bring a bit of creativity, maybe a different perspective to some of the developments coming up and a bit of fun.

Not only are you taking on a new role, you are also relocating to this area, is there anything particular you looking forward to with this move?

I'm really looking forward to investigating Witney and seeing what the area has to offer, but I'm more excited about having my own flat, my own space and not having to think about who else might need to use the kitchen so I can experiment a bit more. I'll also be closer to my family and I can see my Nieces a lot more than I could before.

When you are not work what do you do to relax and enjoy yourself?

I really wish I was one of those people that was able to list exercise as what I do to relax, but I'm much more of a shopping to relax type of person. However, my favourite thing to do is going out to eat, something that combines two of my loves, Food and Friends. If I were able to eat out for every meal I would. I also consider myself to be one of those lucky people that made friends on the first day of school that I couldn't be without now. I think I'm at my most relaxed when I'm just enjoying time with them.

How would you describe yourself as an individual?

I would say I'm a considerate, loyal, and caring person who comes with a touch of adventure, and possibly, a little too independent.

We love cake in the MCFS office. Do you have a signature cake you will be baking and bringing to the office?

I don't bake. Yet. But I can source us a mean Brownie.