It’s all in the Planning
29 October 19  /  Insights

We have recently started to have more focus around the value we deliver to our clients. This isn’t new to us, or our existing clients, but we wanted to start further demonstrating - to the world outside of Mathews Comfort - how we help. 

This relates to our desire to bring more clients on board and what better way to do that than to share real life stories - this is the best social proof we can bring. 

I recently wrote a case study and was about to embark on another.

In starting to review my client list for a suitable insight story, I realised how many people I have helped over the years to achieve or work towards their life goals. This struck a chord with me and highlighted the long-term nature of both the planning process and our client relationships. The focus should always be on the planning - as we say, the planning will trump the plan.

There wasn’t an obvious easy win to write about as our clients have hit their goals through our forward planning and coaching to ensure they stick to the plan we have in place!

This tends to build over the years with tweaks along the way, perhaps due to tax legislation, catastrophes, new goals, changing circumstances in family set-ups, new jobs, redundancies, windfalls, health...

The list could go on, but the one constant will be the ongoing relationship you have with your Financial Planner and the updates that will be made to your plans along your journey to hitting those goals.

It all sounds straightforward right, but as an experienced Planner, I can tell you that it’s anything but simple. It takes discipline to keep doing the right things when the world around you may be looking a little crazy. An excellent Financial Planner will earn their weight in gold just by keeping you to the plan, even if it means doing nothing. Poor Financial Planners tend to ignore the plan and try to create lots of changes, because that’s what they think justifies their fees. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some of my highest value clients are the easiest to manage. This is because we have done so much planning work and updating over the years to ensure they stick to the programme to achieve their goals.

Importantly, planning isn’t just about hitting those goals either. Once achieved, we need to work just as hard to ensure the goals are maintained, and there’s also the further consideration of any new aspirations that may come along. Again, this takes ongoing planning and discipline.

If I look at real life clients I have worked with for a long time, some of the examples we have achieved together are:

  • Early financial independence, also known as quitting your job much earlier than anticipated
  • Giving adult children large capital sums for house purchases
  • Taking dream holidays
  • Protecting families against catastrophes
  • Giving confidence to spend more in retirement
  • Taking the stress out of work but taking employment for pleasure rather than the money
  • Moving to a dream house for an expanding family.

I could go on and on with what we have helped our clients to achieve and when I go down my client list, it seems there has been huge progress over their time for each and every one.

We cannot claim to be the sole reason for clients’ successes as it takes both parties consistently working together, but I can assure you that with our planning, they are in a better place than going it alone.

What does this mean for you if you are thinking about working with Mathews Comfort?

I think you get the point, it’s all in the planning, but for you, it’s giving yourself the best possible chance to hit your objectives and goals.

Planning may not sound too appealing (it’s hard work) but hitting your goals and progressing towards them as a result of that hard work will give you an incredible feeling.

What are you waiting for, the earlier we plan, the higher the probability of hitting those dream goals and objectives!

To find out more about how we can help you to achieve the things that are important to you, please get in touch with us here.

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