Planning for retirement
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Retirement planning should have more of focus on what you want to do in retirement and your retirement lifestyle, with less of a focus on worrying about having enough money to do what you want to do.

Clients come to us asking questions like ‘do I have enough money to retire?’, ‘how do I know when I can afford to retire?’, ‘how do I save for retirement?, ‘how do I plan for retirement?’, ‘am I saving enough for retirement?’ and ‘can I retire early?’.

It is our job to answer these questions simply and straightforwardly, in a language that you understand. 

Planning for retirement encompasses all areas of your desired retirement lifestyle including:

  • Your health – will you need to consider long-term care?
  • Financial stability – will you have enough to sustain the lifestyle you want to
  • Whether you have a business to sell or if you will downsize your house
  • Pension planning – both your private and State pensions
  • Current and future investments – how will these benefit you later in life?
  • Current and future expenditures – how will your expenditures change over
  • Hobbies and interests – how do you want to be spending your remaining
  • Consider any support or gifts you would like to consider in the future to others

Preparing for retirement is not an easy task, but retirement financial planning looks at all aspects of your future retired life, whilst also considering your current financial situation. This gives us an idea of what will be achievable and when.

With the help of special forecasting software, we can offer clarity on all of those big retirement questions and can ensure your peace of mind. We will do this by calculating your expected retirement income and will create a lifestyle financial plan based on this and how you wish to live your retirement years.

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