Sharing a client’s thoughts on retirement
26 November 18  /  Insights

Many of our clients will be nearing ‘retirement’, considering their future and how they want to live the remainder of their time ahead.

Retirement, in our eyes, is not a thing. It’s not a set date, not a time to shrink away, but quite the opposite. We encourage our clients to live with meaning and purpose, which is different for everyone.

A client of ours, Carl, left his working life relatively early in comparison to many of our clients. So, you can imagine how he might have felt with the possibility of multiple decades ahead of him and no ‘work’ to fill his time.

Carl produces a regular blog which covers an array of topics. One recently covered his thoughts on how he was feeling about his early retirement and the 10 years that then followed.

Whilst the views are specific to Carl, I did feel this would be interesting to many of our clients, as it mirrors the conversations we have with you around your life and future plans.

We hope this is of interest and a big thank you to Carl for allowing us to share his thoughts.

To view the blog post, please click here.