Sharing our trainee Paraplanner Ryan’s ‘why’
05 June 19  /  News

As we continue to grow and enable even more clients to achieve the things that are important to them, our Strategic Board has been giving careful thought to why we exist as a business.

At Mathews Comfort, we firmly believe that unlocking the ‘why’ is a powerful tool that anchors us all to what we are trying to achieve and connects us to a meaningful purpose. As part of our continual improvement journey, we recently asked our team members to take some time and give thought to why they get up every day and work at Mathews Comfort.

We are a close team so it was no surprise that the responses were inspiring and encouraging, and we are grateful that the team shared their whys so openly. 

Ryan, our trainee Paraplanner, is currently the youngest member of our team, but his response showed wisdom and thought way beyond his years. In fact, the honesty and authenticity of his ‘why’ was too good to keep to ourselves, and we are delighted to share Ryan’s profound response with you.

Here is Ryan’s ‘why’:

“My reason why I come to work and the reason why I love my job is because when I was younger, all the way up until I quit my A-Levels, I wanted to be a detective or a police officer. Not for the action, guns and locking up bad people, but for the reason of helping good people to get their justice, be the best they can be and just really helping people as much as possible. 

I believe that through our Lifestyle Financial Planning, we help people - every day, in every meeting, with every new client - to be the best they can be and to achieve all that they want to in their lives. Helping and ensuring that someone is financially secure is one of the biggest ‘justices’ that we can ever give to someone.

Managing people’s finances so they know that themselves and their families are financially secure is an ongoing process of making them feel safe and secure. Whether that be protecting their income, investing for the future or planning ahead, it all links back to making them feel safe. Every discovery and forward planning meeting is like a new ‘case’ where we have to ensure that our clients feel safe and are free to do what they want to in their lives and for the future of their families.

To re-cap, I just think that what we do as a company and how we each conduct ourselves at work is all about helping others - and that is my Why!”

We are proud to have Ryan working with us and I am sure that our clients who know Ryan will not be surprised by his considered and empowering response. If the Financial Planning industry can continue to attract young talent like Ryan, our profession will be in very ‘safe’ hands.