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"I was first introduced to Mathews Comfort in the mid 1980's. At that time I was changing my career direction from permanent UK based employment to a contract based position working world wide, and required advice regarding the establishment of both personal pension and ongoing financial investment plans. Throughout our working relationship, these and subsequent plans have to date returned long term above target estimates. The upshot is I managed to retire earlier than anticipated, which has given us the time to enjoy a more relaxed but varied lifestyle here in south Lincolnshire.

Thank you Mathews Comfort"

Malcolm Brown

“Back in 1993 the company I had been working for, for the last 10 years went into receivership taking most of my pension pot with it. Having been cosseted in company pension schemes at this and my previous employer I had not undertaken much research into pensions and here I was at the age of 41 with a much reduced, but not insubstantial amount of money, being asked what I wanted to do with it. Luckily one of my colleagues said his family had had very happy and successful dealings with Mathews Comfort over many years and he was using them to sort his pension.

Following a short phone call Peter Bird called on me and took me through all my options and gave me advice on what he thought I should do. There was no pressure selling and after a couple of more meetings he set up my new pension portfolio. The team at Mathew Comfort have managed it ever since and kept in contact through review meetings and regular reports.

Whenever I have had a change in my situation they have been happy to meet up and advise and agree the best way forward. They are also swift to take on board any legislative changes and advise how I should alter my portfolio to accommodate them to my best advantage.

My wife & I are now fully retired and are enjoying the benefits of having a sound financial portfolio and good advisors in Mathews Comfort, which allows us to fulfil our retirement ambitions without having to worry as to where the money is coming from!”

Richard Filer

“Dan has been looking after our financial affairs for a number of years now and we are more than happy with Dan’s simple and straightforward advice. We quickly established an open and trusting relationship through Dan’s ability to help us identify our true short, medium and long-term personal and financial plans, and we work through how these can be fully realised with regular reviews. All in all, we are very satisfied with the all-encompassing service we receive from Mathews Comfort; everything seems to be achievable and the team just make it easy with their ‘friend to friend’ approach.”

Ian and Susie

"My first encounter with Mathews Comfort was in 1996 when I was Financial Controller of a department store in Oxford. Peter Bird was my main contact and he oversaw the company's requirements for insurances and pensions. I was so impressed with Peter's knowledge of the financial scene that when the need arose I put my own personal finances with him and Mathews Comfort. I am now retired and they continue to serve me well. I willingly testify that Mathews Comfort are an excellent company to deal with."

Roger Curtis 

"My relationship with Mathews Comfort now spans thirty years and I am delighted with the level of continuity and consistency they have displayed. I genuinely could not recommend Mathews Comfort highly enough and my expectations have been exceeded time & time again."

Carl Beetham, Sunningdale

"I’ve made great investments and poor choices, and have kept hold of enough hard earned money to have options about what happens next. Dan Weston presents these options to me in a straightforward and practical way. He helps me assess my financial landscape and choose my preferred combination of risk and reward to navigate the road ahead."

Kevin Garrett, Newbury

"We worried about our financial future and our best decision was to engage Mathews Comfort. Dan has consolidated our savings and established a bespoke pension strategy. We have clearly benefited from his clear, non-jargon knowledge and advice, which is backed by bespoke projections. In retirement, we have easy access to sage advice and no “should we, shouldn’t we?” anxieties."

Russell and Barbara Ingham, Charlbury 

"I have previously been unwilling to invest large sums into my pension, but with the recent change in pension laws, I have needed to be more flexible. Dan has given me a financial forward planning structure so I am able to plan for the long-term future. He has helped me think about how I extract profits from my business in the most efficient way. I can focus on the now, knowing I’ve thought about the future."

Robert Opher, Garsington

"I needed assistance with investing my pension pot, the proceeds from the sale of my business and savings in a manner that took into account my own preferences and risk profile and to reassure me (or otherwise) that my expenditure plans for retirement are sustainable in the long-term. I have entrusted Mathews Comfort with my financial wellbeing. There are no false promises, no bragging but a strong dose of realism."

Clive Everitt, Newbury

"I started needing financial planning as my extended family and responsibilities grew and Mathews Comfort was recommended to me. They have been assisting me now for over 10 years and have always listened to my needs, making relevant suggestions on options at all times. With a hectic work and personal life, the regular review sessions with my advisor are very easy to organise and are an important checkpoint for me to see how my investments are progressing and to review any changes in my plans and circumstances.

Dan is always well prepared for the reviews and always very prompt with follow up afterwards. Throughout my relationship with Mathews Comfort, I have always felt that my investments are being well handled and that their use of technology to support the process has evolved with the pace of the industry. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends."

Gareth Evans