The Little Corona King
15 April 20  /  Covid-19

The Little Corona King: a gentle story for children about coronavirus.

For young children, the world may seem a very confusing place right now. Wherever they look, on television and social media, it seems people are talking continuously about Coronavirus, PPE and latest numbers of deaths.

With lots of people falling ill and currently no cure or vaccine, it means adults don’t have all the answers and there’s plenty to be scared about.

After discovering the depth of anxiety about the virus among school pupils, campaigning author, Ellie Jackson, created an eBook called The Little Corona King that explains coronavirus and gives practical advice on dealing with the illness, without frightening or upsetting children.

“A friend’s six-year-old son recently came home in tears, convinced he and his family were going to die, because of what he’d been told about the coronavirus,” says Ellie, whose books about climate change reach a global audience. “To help dispel some of the myths, I decided to write an accessible story that would educate young people about the realities of the illness. The book uses a gentle story to help explain the coronavirus to children and their parents, grandparents or carers.”

Herself a teacher and mother of four, Ellie Jackson teamed up with illustrator and mum, Laura Calwood, and together they worked around the clock to produce the picture book that has already been translated into a number of languages for use around the world.

For those of you with young children or grandchildren, we think the book is a really good resource and could be very effective in helping to calm fears about coronavirus among the younger people in your family.

Available online on Amazon, Apple Books and Google Play, The Little Corona King costs just 49p to download. To find out more and take a peek at the book, visit

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