The meaning of ‘real wealth’
19 March 21  /  Insights

The pandemic has focused our attention on healthcare like never before, making us realise that ‘real wealth’ constitutes not only money, but also time and health. Since the emergence of Covid-19, people are much more conscious of their own, their children’s and their parents’ health, with many worrying about how to keep elderly parents safe.

Geography is often a major challenge, as adult children move to different cities and locations to follow careers and raise children, leaving parents behind. With current restrictions preventing people from travelling or unable to have close contact with elderly relatives, the situation is compounded.

As life centred financial planners, here at Mathews Comfort we are well aware that real ‘wealth’ is not only financial, but also about enjoying physical and mental wellbeing, ensuring you have the time and health to enjoy the fruits of your labours, whether that involves spending more time with the family, pursuing hobbies, assuming a more philanthropic role or, in better times, travelling.

As one client said: “What’s the point in being successful and having money, if you don’t have the time or health to enjoy it?”

That’s why we take the whole picture into consideration when looking at your lifestyle financial plan, assessing not just your needs today but also into the future, enabling you to live the lifestyle to which you aspire. Along with financial planning - which can include such areas as business performance, succession, wealth management, early retirement, estate planning and so on – we also look at family concerns, ensuring you have the means to keep your family happy, healthy and in the best possible care. As required, this may include affording school fees, domestic staff, mortgage repayment and, most importantly, good healthcare for yourself, your family and your parents.

As partners in your financial journey, we have a clear understanding that ‘real wealth’ goes beyond the financial, and know only too well that physical and mental wellbeing are essential requirements for enjoying success.

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