Vicki Smith wins a ‘Witney Hero’ Award!
26 February 21  /  News

We are delighted to announce that our Client Relationship Manager, Vicki Smith, has been selected by Witney Town Council to win a ‘Witney Hero’ Award for her dedication and hard work in the community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the beginning of the year, the Council launched its Covid-19 ‘Witney Hero’ Award scheme to recognise community-spirited volunteers, either working alone, as teams or as members of organisations, who have stepped up and supported the most vulnerable groups, less well-off and struggling small businesses in the town.

Following a nomination, Vicki was presented with a ‘Witney Hero’ Award for working hard as a moderator in the Covid-19 support group, and for ordering and delivering one hundred Christmas meal boxes for schools and families in need, provided through schools and churches.

Vicki has been a member of the Facebook ‘Covid Support Group’ for the Witney area since April 2020 and, over a 3-month period, worked tirelessly alongside Laura from The Mortgage Company to organise and fulfil the Christmas Lunch Box operation. Thanks to crowdfunding, the group was able to order enough food to fill 100 lunchboxes, a mammoth operation, with premises and a team of volunteers provided by Mathews Comfort to ensure their safe packing and despatch, and Vicki playing a leading role.

As a token of the Council’s appreciation for her extraordinary work, which has had a positive and tangible impact on the morale and wellbeing of others in Witney, Vicki received a badge and Covid-19 Hero certificate, signed by the Mayor, Councillor Joy Aitman.

The Town Council wrote to Vicki, saying: “Witney is extremely fortunate to have so many people quietly undertaking some incredible work… the extent of your work and the positive impact your actions have had on others has been noticed, and someone whose day you have made a little better has nominated you.”

Mathews Comfort is immensely proud of Vicki and all that she has achieved in providing local support during the pandemic and were pleased we were able to do our bit in helping with the Christmas lunchbox operation. Keep up the good work, Vicki, you’re doing an incredible job and we back you 100%!

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