What about your own ‘State of the Nation’?
09 March 18  /  News

As we head toward the end of the Tax Year, attention normally turns anxiously to the March Budget.

We now already know that the Statement from the Chancellor will be more of a ‘State of the Nation’ announcement. We will also be bold and suggest that the word ‘Brexit’ may be used more than once. We have to admit, simply having one Budget in the Autumn does make sense. As we have already addressed in another article, there is plenty of change happening in the Financial world from April onwards and announcing these amendments in the Autumn does mean we avoid all the frantic press speculation and ‘buy now’ language that used to drive us and you crazy.

What we have noticed is that Spring tends to be a time of the year when people reflect a little. Nature is awakening and preparing for the annual spectacle of colour. As evenings get lighter and the weather gets warmer, we find ourselves stretching out a little in every sense and part of that process is to consider our own longer-term plans. Therefore, perhaps now is also a good time to take a leaf out of the Chancellor’s
book and do your own ‘State of the Nation’ planning.

As part of our planning process, we do try and ask more telling questions about your longer terms plans. Rather than simply discussing this month, this year or next year, we like to look much further ahead. Asking
questions around ‘what would you like to have achieved in ten years time?’, ‘what sort of legacy would you like to leave?’, ‘would you like to make a difference to others?’ all make our clients think about what they
are planning for.

Whilst we predominantly deal with your Financial Matters, we also like to discuss the freedom that good planning can offer you. Our aim is not necessarily to make you more money but to discuss the opportunities that this increased wealth can offer you. When we discuss planning, we tend not to look at what your money is worth, but what it can do for you.

Therefore, as our Chancellor, Mr. Hammond, considers the comments he will make in March about the State of the Nation, why not take a moment to ask yourself the same question about the state of your ‘Nation’. As Napoleon once said, ‘Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them’