What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?
01 August 18  /  Insights

Lifestyle Financial Planning? It is exactly that, a financial plan designed and built around your financial future and the lifestyle you want to lead.

The same two questions continue to be asked: Am I going to be financially OK? Do I have enough money for the rest of my life.

Clients come to us, usually with an immediate problem: you may be worried about your pension, investment fund, have been offered a pension transfer, or perhaps have a tax issue. This is not uncommon, but you actually need our advice on much more than a product or investment fund.

What you really need is for your Planner to take the time to get to know you: what are your fears, aspirations, perceived problems, family set up, and where would you like to be in the future?

Without the skill of a true Lifestyle Financial Planner this is almost impossible to answer and, at Mathews Comfort, we will give you a true and frank answer around these important questions. This may not always be the answer you are looking to hear, but we believe honesty is the best policy.

So, let’s dig deeper. What is a lifestyle financial plan?

Quite simply, it is a detailed plan that foresees what your financial future will look like based on your goals and many other factors including current income and expenditure, investments, future expenditures, future returns and more. We do this by using comprehensive planning software that considers all current and future financial aspects and predicts the potential effects of major decisions or life events on your finances.

This plan is tailored to your requirements and is unique to each person and helps people realise their current financial circumstances that most are completely unaware of, taking away any fears of money and finances you may have. The plan is ongoing and adapts to changing circumstances, as we feel that preparing is much easier than repairing any damage.

Therefore, a Lifestyle Financial Plan is not managing your assets in isolation, nor is it a financial product. Although, both of these may help you to achieve the goals in your financial plan.

The Mathews Comfort Lifestyle Planning service is available to clients who are seeking clarity and peace of mind around their future lifestyle and financial objectives.

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