What our core values mean for our clients
01 November 19  /  News

Here at Mathews Comfort, we believe that values are a powerful tool that can help you to link to your purpose and achieve the things that are important to you.

As a values-led company, our team collaborated to create the visual wall wrap of our values that you may have seen in our office. Going further, these values are also embedded within our processes and they form the foundation of every interaction we have with our clients and colleagues.

When values are lived out in this way, it creates a culture of transparency - during times of challenge, celebration or change, these behaviours remain constant and form the blueprint for how our clients can expect to experience our services. 

As a team, we recently spent some time together exploring our personal values and how they linked to our lived behaviours, and we are delighted to be able to share our team’s individual core values with you:

Dan Weston
Freedom, confidence, goal focused, success and responsibility.

George Wagerfield
Caring, family, humility, compassion and generosity.

Christine Walker
Compassion, kindness, success, family, honesty and trust. 

Peter Bird
Wealth, relationships, family, happiness and health.

Bev Tyrell
Openness, family, kindness, humour and independence.

Giedre Azukaite
Mindfulness, passion, compassion, courage and commitment.

Ryan Hambridge
Sense of humour, fitness, friendship, success and passion.

Barbara Wagerfield
Creativity, resourcefulness, belonging, friendship, dependability and family.

Vicki Smith
Family, happiness, positivity, creativity and growth.

Steve Walker
Integrity, family, loyalty, respect and reliability.

Clare Mullett
Happiness, family, friendship, health and humour.

We also believe that helping our clients to unlock their key values is an integral part of maintaining a sustainable financial planning journey, and we will be implementing a values-based card sorting exercise into our client reviews to help with this process.

These cards act as a visual prompt to help with mapping your personal priorities and we are very excited to start using them! 

We are committed to helping our clients to reach their goals and aspirations and this ethos is reflected in the values of our team and the individuals within it. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you to realise your life’s aspirations, please contact us here.

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