Will Planning
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It is important to have a Will in place for the distribution of your estate after your death to ensure the people you wish to receive from you do.

Often associated with the older generation, it is imperative that all adults, both old and young, have a Will in place to protect their assets. If you die intestate, your assets may be distributed differently to how you would have wanted them to.

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People often put off Will planning or writing a Will as they see it as morbid. But it is always better to be prepared, to give you peace of mind that your family are going to be okay when you are no longer here to look after them.

Making a Will is also crucial to your Lifestyle Financial Plan. It is important for us to understand what you want to leave behind and what can be spent in your remaining years, allowing you to do the things you want to do.

We also recommend using a professional to help you write a Will, as we can ensure that all of your assets are considered and can assist in dividing your estate fairly. Having a well-written Will is also key when it comes to Inheritance Tax Planning. 

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