We will determine your current financial situation and define what you want to achieve in the future, ensuring your money is used in the best possible way.

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How do we discover?

Lifestyle financial planning aims to clarify what your aspirations are for the future and to determine your financial goals. We will not discuss financial products, but instead, we will focus on creating, protecting and maintaining the lifestyle you want to lead.

At this stage of our process, we will delve deep to establish your relationship with money, your potential later life objectives, your family set up, your fears, aspirations, and your present circumstances. This is also your chance to understand us, what it is we can do for you and the types of people we work with.

We will establish what is coming in: your salary, income, bonuses, investments, inheritance, rental property income, business sale and any other major assets; and what is going out: mortgage payments, education fees, daily living expenditures, loans, debts, pension contributions and any other deductions.

Only when we are completely satisfied that we have built a full picture of where you are now and want to be in the future, will we move onto the next stage.


Frequently Asked Questions
What do you charge for your services?

We are a professional and honest company and will never shy away from explaining our fees or telling you exactly how much it will cost to engage our services. You can find all about our charging structure by following this link:

How we charge for our services

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

In essence, Lifestyle Financial Planning is a financial plan that is built around the lifestyle that you desire, both now and into the future. Whilst considering your current financial circumstances and lifestyle, your tailored plan will outline your achievable future financial goals and where you want to be. Click here to find out more.

How can Lifestyle Financial Planning help me?

Lifestyle Financial Planning looks at the bigger, complete picture of all aspects of your life, making it absolutely unique to you. It encourages you to realise your current situation, which many people are unaware of, and offers a clear sense of direction, giving you the confidence to live the lifestyle you want to lead. Click here to find out more.

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