We aim to inspire you to lead a meaningful and purposeful life, giving you the confidence to live the lifestyle you desire. 


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How do we inspire?

Once we have discovered all there is to know about you, we will work with you to understand your key perspectives on life and why you think like this. This is important as it can help us understand how you think about money and how you arrived at those views.

How a client thinks about money is just as important as how we manage it. We need to know your thoughts on debt, savings, spending, giving, risk, insurance, children, and retirement.

Then, we want to understand what motivates you and makes you really happy. As Lifestyle Financial Planners, we have moved away from a traditional Return on Investment approach and instead focus on giving you the confidence to live the lifestyle you wish with the money you have.

We encourage and inspire you to use your money more effectively to improve your lifestyle.



How we help plan our clients' financial objectives

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Mathews Comfort achieves British Standard BS8577 for Financial Advice and Planning

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